Supervision during project delivery

Planning for permission to build

  • Ongoing monitoring and optimisation according to issues raised in the design phase
  • Reviewing structural add-ons for passive house suitability
  • Involvement into coordination meeting with developer, architect, structural engineer, building physicist, building services planner

Review of PHPP calculation

Execution and detailed planning, tendering phase, placement of order

  • Review of design details and connections with specific focus on avoidance of thermal bridges and on air tightness
  • Review tender for passive house aspects
  • Preparation of lists of expert companies with passive house skills
  • Review of offers for suitability for passive house, support for bidder inquiries related to passive house issues
  • Involvement in order negotiations on structural engineering issues for the passive house

Ongoing construction supervision of specific passive-house aspects

  • Meeting with executing companies prior to construction start
  • On-the-spot inspection and review of execution during construction process
  • Presence and involvement in construction project meetings, as required
  • Monitoring of blower door test
  • Monitoring of thermographic imaging of the building