Demonstration projects


At the beginning of each innovation and new development there are pilot and demonstration projects to prove the theoretical feasibility also under the stringent conditions of everyday practice. It was particularly in refurbishing existing buildings to reach the passive house standard with an efficiency increase by a factor of 10, where LANG consulting was decisively involved in several segments of implementing the first Austrian demonstration projects ever conducted and looks back on extensive experience in this field.
Austrias oldest certified passive house , as well as Austrias first reconstruction to a certified passive house standard.

Management and/or expert supervision of best practice demonstration projects in refurbishment and new buildings to meet the passive house standard and "nearly zero energy building" standard.



Gründerzeithaus Mariahilfer Straße                            2017-2018
Vienna / Austria
Retrofit on EnerPHit-Standard and addition of floors of a Wilheminian style mutlifamily house after a heavy gas explosion, which resulted in structural collaps of building parts. The retrofit was done in the frame of the EU research program EU-GUGLE.
Research project - Supervision and documentation
 Gründerzeithaus Mariahilfer Straße, Wien /Austria

Pensionistenheim Haus Penzing                                        2017-2018

Vienna / Austria

Retrofit of a retirement home on Passive House Standard in the frame of the EU research program EU-GUGLE.
Research project - Supervision and documentation

 Pensionistenheim Penzing in Wien

PopUp dorms - GreenFlexStudio - part 2                          2016 - 2017

Vienna / Austria

The flexible Students dormitory PopUp dorms in the "Seestadt Aspern" got extanded with a second part. Passive House standard and cost economic work perfect together.

 PopUp GreenFlexStudios

PopUp dorms - GreenFlexStudio - part 1                          2014 - 2015

Vienna / Austria

The flexible Students dormitory „PopUp – GreenFlexStudios" for 40 studentes is constructed in the "Seestadt Aspern". Passive House standard and cost economic work perfect together - take a look!


The PopUp dorms

First school building retrofit to Passive house                 2005 - 2007

Schwanenstadt / Austria

General rehabilitation of the General Secondary School II and the Poytechnic School at Schwanenstadt (Upper Austria) using prefabricated timber wall elements and a newly developed ventilation system optimised for schools.

 thumb 3 - Poly Schulsanierung Schwanenstadt - Maximilian Lang

First multi-family house retrofit to Passive house             2005 - 2007

Makartstraße, Linz / Austria

First retrofit of a multistorey block of flats with 50 units (built in 1957/58) up to passive house standard in Austria.

3 - IMG 0242 kl

First single-family house retrofit to Passive house           2004 - 2006

Pettenbach / Austria

The very first reconstruction in Austria of a single-family house to certified passive house standard - Model project in Pettenbach/Upper Austria.

The main objective is the unprecedented reconstruction of older one-unit buildings to the standards of passive houses. The reconstruction estates are of the numerous older single-family houses in Austria. The reconstruction will considerably enhance the convenience of living quarters in the old houses.Passive House Certificate

Certified Passive house - Certification-ID 6144

 1 - PH Pettenbach Fertig Südost Dsc02108

Passive house disk Salzkammergut                                   1998 - 2000

Roitham /Austria

Built as oldest certified passive house in Austria and one of the first passive houses in Austria, the house was presented with the award "House of the Future" in 2000. Due to the optimising measures conducted, the demonstration project was built without incurring extra costs compared to the then current design under the Austrian Building Code. Apart from energetic considerations, "grey energy" was also analysed.Passive House Certificate

Certified Passive house - Certification-ID 8941

 thumb Passivhausscheibe Salzkammergut LANG consulting

First retrofit to passive house standard with VIPs               2006 - 2008

Schleißheim b. Wels / Austria

Demonstration of the way to redevelop a home of the 19th century to passive house standard in consideration of moisture process and the use of vacuum insulation.

 thumb Panic 1