Functionality of comfort ventilation

Comfort ventilation systems essentially are composed of a central ventilation unit with heat recovery and a duct system to continuously supply rooms with fresh air and extract "spent" air. Using warm exhaust air for heating fresh air is fundamental for the system's energy efficiency.

The ventilation unit is supplied with fresh outside air via the outside air suction system and an optional ground heat exchanger. The ventilation unit filters and heats the air flowing in from outside by transporting it through a heat exchanger and heating it with the warm exhaust air from the building, separating the fresh air and extract air flows from each other. The supply air duct transports fresh air to the living rooms and bedrooms before it is directed from the hallway to the kitchen and sanitary rooms. From there, the exhaust air duct returns the "spent" air to the ventilation unit, where the heat exchanger uses it for heating fresh air, and, finally, it is taken to the outside through the extract air duct.


Comfort ventilation components

1 Outside air suction unit

2 Central ventilation unit

3 Sound absorber

4 Intake air duct

5 Distribution through overflow openings

6 Exhaust air duct

7 Cross-talk silencer

8 Control

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