My Passive House

You can describe the incomparable feeling and high living comfort in a passive house only if you experience it for yourself. Most people actually believe that energy consumption in a passive house is reduced by 80% if they take a look at the annual energy bill. We have enjoyed this feeling ourselves since 1999 in Austria's eldest certified Passive House.

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Technical dates Passvie House disk
Building costs in comparison to Passive house disk
Demonstration project Passive house disk
CD-ROM "Das ökologische Passivhaus"
Awards for Passive house disk Salzkammergut visits the Passive house disk (Video/German) on visit at the international Passive house days (Video/German)
Video interview with Wolfgang Feist, Günter Lang and Gabriele Schwarz about their experience (German) - 18 min
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Owner and promoter:
Christine und Ing. Günter Lang

Planning of Passive House:
Architekturbüro Dipl. Ing. Hermann Kaufmann GmbH
6858 Schwarzach, Sportplatzweg 5

Projectmanagement and detailed planning:
Ing. Günter Lang