Comfort Ventilation


The way towards healthy indoor air
Air is our most important resource. Therefore, the supply of healthy, fresh air inside rooms should be a natural thing. Comfort ventilation ensures continuous delivery of fresh and clean air without drafts. Windows can be opened whenever needed. Highly efficient heat recovery helps to save a lot of energy and reduces the impact on the environment. Forward-looking concepts for houses build on this state-of-the-art and simple method. Find out here what comfort ventilation is all about and get valuable support for its implementation.


What is comfort ventilation?
Comfort ventilation is an intake and exhaust air ventilation system including highly efficient heat recovery based on a particularly comfortable and energy-saving design. Some of its quality criteria clearly go beyond the minimum requirements applying to intake and exhaust air systems using heat recovery.


Healthy indoor air
Fresh air is our most important resource and essential for our health and wellbeing. Without air we can survive for around three minutes only. Just as we would never think of drinking contaminated water or eating spoiled food, it should only be natural to avoid breathing in "spent air". After all, we pump around 17000 times 0.5 litres of air through our lungs every day. Healthy indoor air is of particular importance as we spend, on average, 90 % of our lifetime inside buildings.


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