Advantages offered by Comfort Ventilation

  1. Healthier living, learning, working and sleeping is ensured by continuous supply with fresh outside air.
  2. For persons with allergies: Pollen, spores and (fine) dust are filtered from the outside air by high-quality filters. The dust in the room is continuously removed by the exhaust air flow.
  3. Insects are kept outside.
  4. Fresh, healthy air can be sucked in from the unexposed side of the building not facing a street.
  5. CO2 and harmful substances are extracted (emissions from furniture, glues, household chemicals such as formaldehyde).
  6. Odours from rooms accommodating sources of odours (kitchen, bathroom, WC) are extracted directly.
  7. Secure removal of humidity prevents damage from mould.
  8. Growth of mite is restricted.
  9. Ventilation heat losses are reduced by approx. 70 %. Heating demand is cut by around 16 kWh/m² of gross floor space and/or heating energy demand is cut by approx. 25 kWh/m² of floor space (2.5 litres of heating oil and/or 5 kg of pellets per m² of floor space).
  10. Offers even better efficiency than a heating pump. One kilowatt hour of electricity saves around 6 to 14 kWh of heat.
  11. Ground heat exchangers use natural heat to preheat outside air in winter and/or cool it in summer for free.
  12. Windows can stay shut – but do not have to. If you feel like opening the windows you can do so any time. But you will find that you hardly feel like it above all in winter!
  13. No drafts and no cooling of indoor air as windows are not opened for ventilation.
  14. Keeps out noise from outside (streets etc.), ensuring an undisturbed and refreshing sleep with best air quality.
  15. No risk of forgetting that a window is open when you leave the house.
  16. Shut windows offer higher protection against burglary.
  17. Gain comfort and time, as you do not have to deal with ventilation any more.
  18. Building quality A++ (passive house), A+ and A can be reached only by using ventilation systems including heat recovery.
  19. High subsidies (direct subsidy and improvement of "heating demand" energy indicator)
  20. Preservation of building value (sales value).
  21. Air volumes are adjusted to hygienic demand.
  22. The unit ensures permanently high air quality without drafts.
  23. The unit's operating noise is not perceived as disturbing.
  24. Heating energy savings are a multiple of the power consumption of the unit.
  25. The unit is coordinated with other technical building facilities such as heating, stoves, extractor hoods etc.
  26. Operation of the unit is simple, filters can be exchanged easily when displayed.
  27. Experienced (certified) comfort ventilation installers design and install the unit.
  28. Design, installation, operation and servicing are based on local laws, national standards and the "55* or 60* quality criteria for comfort ventilation systems"